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    Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Stress

Addictions Recovery

Release Feelings of being a Victim

Release Rescuer Behaviors

Become clear on your life purpose

Release Emotional Dysfunction

Unlock Your Core Issues

Release Grief and Loss

Relieve Somatic Complaints

Relief from Trauma or PTSD Symptoms

Emotional Release

Resolve Weight and Body Issues

Release Fears and Phobias

Release Chronic Tension

Create Abundance

Relief from Dissociative Symptoms

Behavior Modification

Life Healing much more quickly than talk therapy



Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state which appears when certain conditions are met.  These are usually bodily stillness and relaxation (mimicking sleep), eyes closed (reducing visual stimulation), focus on feelings (internalizing awareness) and perhaps concentration on the hypnotists vice.  Monotony can also trigger this state as the conscious mind drifts from the normal focus of outward attention onto an internal train of thought.  Fascination (such as being engrossed in a book or film) is also a doorway into hypnosis.  Often while driving we drop into a trance called highway hypnosis where we do not remember the past several minutes of travel.  The experience of hypnosis is similar to a dream-like reverie, being neither asleep nor awake but focused (or absorbed) around some point and usually (though not essentially) in a state of physical and mental relaxation.
The benefits of doing hypnotherapy over talk therapy are that the client accesses the subconscious and unconscious mind where all the material of our life is stored.  Rather than working with just the conscious mind and our ideas about what is going on with us, we gain access to our true experiences.  Also, in this state, people can become more open to suggestion.  In fact, the whole modus operandi of hypnotherapy is to utilize this state of lack of criticality to change instructions (conclusions and decisions about ourselves) already held at an unconscious  level that are affecting behavior.  So hypnotherapy is a means of modifying the patterns of beliefs held by a person.  Hypnotherapy is a valuable technique in the hands of a skilled professional and can help in the resolution of many problems.  See Our Hypnotherapy Reports for more information and advanced topics in trancework.

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How Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy with long lasting results

The power of hypnotherapy is that it can work with four approaches to an issue.  The underlying issues (review, understand and relieve childhood wounds around the problem), a habit change, personal mastery (achieve physical, emotional and mental potential around the problem), and it also has spiritual potential (expand perspectives and wisdom and see new choices or benefits).

It can help unlock an issue that has felt stuck for a lifetime and bring freedom to you that you did not think possible.  You can use it to improve your relationships, advance your career or grow personally and spiritually.

We are working with the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind is the part we use during our waking day functions in a critical and logical way with the information that it processes.  It does not accept information without first assessing it to decide if it is logically verifiable or “true”.  The subconscious functions in ways that seem almost the opposite of this.  This mind accepts all the information it receives without questioning it. 
For the subconscious mind it seems true.  It is this characteristic of unquestioning acceptance that we can exploit in hypnotherapy to bring about changes in behavior, banish fears or change habits.  It’s important to know that the subconscious mind controls all our habits, emotions and feelings, and we can access the subconscious and, by giving new suggestions and ideas we can bring about the needed changes.