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Benefits of Emotion Trauma Release

Release stored emotions

Heal Childhood Traumas


Emotion Trauma Release

In 1970 Arthur Janov published a book named The Primal Scream, launching a powerful new process called Primal Therapy. In this therapy clients were guided into re-experiencing the pain of their childhood traumas. Charles Berner built on Janov's work and began indpendent research in the file of emotional trauma. He eventually devleoped a method he called Emotional Trauma Release, or ETR.

Emotional Trauma Release has different characteristics from Primal Therapy. One difference is that for Charles emotional recovery was not the main point of life, only part of it. Through his own personal spiritual journey Charles expanded this work to include Spiritual Emotional Release which is a process related to ETR.

The best way to begin Emotional Trauma Release is with an ETR intensive. In an intensive the client does two sessions a day for at least three days. An intesnive can last for up to seven days. One ETR session can assist a client but it is not as effective as doing an intensive which is a much better approach.

Emotion Trauma Release works to clear emotions that have been stored in the body since childhood. Trauma does not heal over time. Traumas and their related emotions are stored in the body until they are released. My belief is that these stored emotions are one of the causes of diseases and are certainly the cause of anxiety, depression and other emotional disturbances in our life.