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Benefits of Clearing

Create and maintain healthy boundaries

Solve current problems

Forward stuck projects

Identify the right kind of livelihood for your own nature, talents and passions

Transform Stress

Heal depression and anxiety

Release Grief

Improve family gatherings

Increase communication skills, thereby improving ALL relationships

Clear traumatic memories

“Disappear” Fix states and chronic attitudes

Release guilt

Clear Karma

Clear Money Issues

Clearing can be successfully applied to any issue!

Clearing the Mind

The mind is a complex system of experiences, ideas, identities, chains of trauma and rigid unconscious patterns of perception.  

Clearing is based on the finding that inner conflicts and unhappiness are the result of unfulfilled communications and limited communication ability. The Clearer guides a client through exact communication processes that release inner tension, improve relating ability, and restore the client to his or her true self. From this place, a client can more effectively make decisions and manage life with clarity.  

The effectiveness of Clearing lies in the communication processes themselves rather than in the giving of advice, using standard psychotherapeutic approaches, or in exclusively guiding the client in achieving outward goals.

Clearing is a way to clean out whatever interferes with living a more vibrant, connected and impassioned life. Clearing is at once a meditation practice and a pragmatic tool.  Become more effective in all areas of your life by increasing your ability to be in Relationship with anything you are giving your attention towards.

In the process of receiving instructions, contemplating, expressing thoughts and feelings, and being understood, clearing occurs.  Seemingly simple processes can provide profound insights and healing.

One of the powerful aspects of Mind Clearing is that the Clearer does not usually insert themselves in the client's process but supports the client in working out what is right for them and their life.

Within an unusually short amount of time, clients move past frozen states and embrace new and innovative ways to approach their lives.
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