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Robert Keller Counseling

Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater - Providing Hypnotherapy, Mind Clearing, Counseling, Couples Counseling, EMDR, Emotion Clearing, and Group Work.

Do You Want to?

  • Be free of whatever holds you back in your life?
  • Have a life filled with real purpose and meaning based on your true heart (and not what others want from you)?
  • Create your life day to day rather than run on automatic?
  • Live your life from your deepest authenticity?
  • Discover your own Spiritual Path?
  • Heal past traumas?
  • Get clarity on current life problems?
  • Be free of addictive behaviors?
  • Release old family patterns that interfere with a fulfilling life?
  • Create a life and relationships that are deep and meaningful?
  • Find and live your true life's purpose?


If you feel an inward 'yes' to these questions; then your journey begins here.

I provide individual counseling, couples therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desenitization and Reprocessing) for Trauma Incidents, Mind Clearing and Emotion Clearing (see link and newsletter). I work with current problems, trauma, addictions, life issues, relationship issues, body issues, and issues that are more unique including past life work and spirit attachment work.

There are a variety of therapeutic techniques I use to bring relief to current life issues, help resolve early life patterns and help clients create a new way of being in life and feeling they are now in control of themselves and their choices. There is a release in these techniques that normal "talk" therapy is not able to provide. This journey is about self discovery and self mastery. Those that wish to address a specific issue or symptom in their life can do so and those who want to embark on the larger path of personal transformation are also served by this work.

My techniuqes include Hypnotherapy which includes Regression Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Mind Clearing, Couples thereapy and Couples Clearing, as well as more traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Also providing Supervision for Mental Health Counselor Associates and Marriage and Family Therapy Associates. Check out this website: Supervision



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